Yi-Ning's Note

DiscoverNP - National park passport on your mobile

September 24, 2018 | 1 Minute Read

I recently learned iOS development and started working on a simple iOS app for my obsession of collecting national park passport stamps.

What is national park passport?

  • It is a book for travelers to collect national park stamps. These stamps can be found at national park visitor centers, but… also many other location. It is a challenges and obsessions that many people have. You can check out National park travelers club. It is a legit thing.

Quick Demo:


  • Use user’s GPS location, allow them to collect stamps when they are in a park
  • The stamp has to have park name, date, city and state
  • Support 61 national parks, but not all visitor centers
  • Work offline

What’s involved?

Let me know if you want to become beta tester!